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2600t High Pressure Die Casting Machine for Casting Metal Parts

2600T High pressure die casting machine for casting metal parts
Long Hua die-casting machines are applicable to manufacture of automobile and motorcycle parts (engine cylinder block, cylinder head, crankcase, hinged door covers, oil pan, gearbox housing, gearbox end cap, dashboard, etc.), electric escalator handrail/steps, industrial/road/railway/air/agricultural machinery, streetlights shells,potlight shells, building material parts, furniture, aluminum arts, copper arts, magnesium alloy products, non-ferrous metal processed products and other die casting products.

2600t High Pressure Die Casting Machine for Casting Metal Parts

LH series of standard parameter table (2600

          Items Unit Specification
Hydraulic Working Pressure MPa 16
Clamping Force             KN 26000
Space Between Tie Bars mm 1500*1500
Tie Bar Diameter mm ¢310
Die Opening Stroke mm 1500
Injection Force(intensify)                   KN 1800
Plunger Launch Distance mm 450
Injection Position mm 200-400
Plunger Diameter mm ¢140----¢180
Injection Stroke mm 1050
Casting Pressure (intensify) MPa 110-66
Casting Fiange Protrusion mm 30
Casting Fiange Diameter mm 280
Max Casting Area Under 40Mpa CM2 6250
lnjection Weight(Al) Kg 50.9
Die Height(Min--Max) mm 800~1800
Ejector Force KN 750
Ejector Stroke mm 300
Motor Capacity Kw 55+75
Machine Dimensions  (L*W*H) m 13.6*5.5*5
Referential Machine Weight For Uplifting T 165
Oil Tank Capacity L 3700
We reserve the right to make any technical improvement without further notice  
  Product details   2600t High Pressure Die Casting Machine for Casting Metal Parts  
Primary performance and features of Longhua Die Casting machines  
1.  Double proportional control (electric regulation of pressure and flow, with a multi-level pressure and speed control as well as low pressure die close protection functions).  
  2.  Dual circuit design (air injection and pressure building are separately designed without mutual interference and fault occurrence).  
  3.  Four-stage (multi-stage) injection system:  
    A.Maximum speed> 8M/s (6M / s for those more than 2000T), which can effectively control the filling time and casting formation, in addition to unique braking and uniform acceleration injection function that can effectively prevent flash and allow more flexible injection process.  
    B.Minimum speed 0.1-0.7M/s, which can be precisely controlled to prevent air invasion from causing air trap.  
    C.Pressure building time ≤15 M/s, which allows to change pressure building speed according to process requirements, strengthening the casting density without causing product distortion.  
     D.Dry cycle time is reduced by more than 15%; Oil pump flow increases by more than 20%; Cooler capacity is enhanced by more than 100%; Proportion of conforming finished products rise by 100%; productivity is improved by 20% as compared to the past.  
  4.  The internationally-favorable PLC man-machine interface control system, casting product data storage and monitoring capabilities, timely alarm in case of abnormality, and elimination of large quantities of defective products.  
  5.  Unique static and dynamic performance with dual core-pulling devices ensures one-time formation of precise, complicated products.  
  6.  The injection system uses European draw-bar structure with a variety of choices for center and eccentric injection positions that provide easy adjustment, high precision, and applicability to various complex molds.  
  7.  Large-scale die-casting machine above 1600T uses hydraulic pumping means which allows safe and fast replacement of large molds.  
  8.  Independent quick clamping system and unique hydraulic driven gear-type mold height adjusting mechanism are resistant to impact, providing longer service life and fast production, with an output on a shift increased by over 15%.  
  9.  Liquid nitrogen super low temperature installation method ensures precision and prolongs service life of toggle parts.  
  10.  High quality, high rigidity and wear resistant casting platen adopts finite element analysis design that brings even stress distribution, little distortion and precise mold clamping.  
  11.  Electric central lubrication system provides scheduled, quantitative lubrication and improves service life.  
  12.  Electrical and hydraulic components are well-known brands made in Europe, Japan and China Taiwan.  
  13.  Die-casting unit island design provides various interfaces and software packages for a variety of advanced intelligent peripheral devices.  
  14,  Hydraulic system consists of:The most advanced uniform accelerated multistage injection system in ten world
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2600t High Pressure Die Casting Machine for Casting Metal Parts

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2600t High Pressure Die Casting Machine for Casting Metal Parts

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2600t High Pressure Die Casting Machine for Casting Metal Parts


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