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Anhui Province's first set of major technical equipment honorary certificate

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"Longhua 1100T automatic AI die-casting machine" is jointly developed and produced by "Hefei Institute of Chinese Academy of Sciences", "Bengbu Institute" and "Bengbu Longhua". During the research and development and production process, it has successively won 10 national invention patents and 4 computer software certificates and other honorary certificates.

Some technical performance indicators of "Longhua 1100TAI die-casting machine" have reached the international advanced level. The successful research and development of this product has completely solved the problem that domestic production of high-precision die-casting parts requires a large amount of foreign exchange to purchase imported die-casting machines! Greatly reduce the procurement and production costs of domestic non-ferrous metal processing plants, and save a lot of foreign exchange resources for the country!

Domestic intelligent die-casting machine, help science and technology to power the country!





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