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(1) The size of the machine hinge is calculated by computer optimization design, and the running speed is fast, and the magnification is 22-25.
(2) The machine hinge adopts two kinds of ductile iron (cast steel), which is moderate in strength and rigidity, and is not easy to be broken during normal use.
(3) Reinforced head plate, middle plate and tail plate, gantry structure: the head plate and the middle plate are both thickened, and the strength and rigidity of the stencil are strengthened.
(4) The ejector cylinder adopts the double cylinder (single cylinder) external mode, and the four (2) guide pillars are guided to avoid the up and down swing of the ejector cylinder, and the maintenance adjustment is convenient.
(5) The curved arm adopts six shear plane design, the length of the crank arm pin is lengthened, and the card-type positioning structure is adopted, so that the force of the crank arm system is more balanced and is not easy to be broken.
(6) The material of the crank pin is nitriding of hot mold steel 38CrMoAl, the hardness reaches HV900 or above, other brands are generally quenched by 42CrMo, and the hardness and service life are far less than 38CrMoAl.
(7) The material of the crank arm steel sleeve is 20Cr carburizing and quenching, and the surface hardness reaches above HRC60.
(8) The mold-adjusting nut adopts ductile iron QT500-7. When the mold is adjusted, it will not bite with the Corinthian column, and the mold is light and fast. 2. Injection
(1) The structure of the external pressure-preserving check valve of the booster piston rod is adopted, and the whole mechanism is highly integrated and has a low failure rate.
(2) The material of the injection cylinder is processed by forgings and will never wear.
(3) The injection piston rod adopts a unique sealing structure, which does not seep oil or leak.
(4) The total capacity of the fast accumulator is increased, and the injection is more powerful.
(5) The accumulator pressure is set by the accumulator pressure of the fast accumulator and the supercharge accumulator.
(6) The accumulator piston adopts special gas seal + oil seal structure.

(1) The system power adopts high and low pressure double pump configuration, which is energy efficient.
(2) The injection and pressure valve block adopts two structures, and the structure is compact and simple.
(3) Using the unique mode-locking principle, the clamping mode and mold opening speed are fast.
(4) Hydraulic hoses and joints are sealed with German standard 24° cones and never leak.
(5) The entire hydraulic system is compact in layout, with few piping and highly integrated valve blocks.

(1) The guide rail of the machine base is processed by forgings, which has high strength, good rigidity, small deformation and never wear.
(2) Shot peening inside the tank of the base is used to completely remove the residue such as rust and welding slag to ensure the cleanliness of the hydraulic system.





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