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June 20, 2020

1.Longhua die casting machine Co., Ltd Die-casting Machine is specialized in die-casting machine R & D and production with 38 years production experience 2.Professional team of engineers and Chinese Academy of Sciences (Hefei) jointly develop the latest technical achievements 3.Speed up 10%, and the excellent control system realizes the fully automatic assembly line operation of the machine 4. Energy saving 30%, unique hydraulic system design, reduce power consumption for you, 5. Die casting machine template strengthened, the machine life can be extended to more than 10 years, 6.Overseas training services for engineers with 20 years of professional technology to solve all your technical problems

March 24, 2021

On March 17, Li jun, the municipal government deputy secretary-general and director of Bengbu Center, Caokai,one engineer of the intelligent mechanical department of Chinese Academy of Sciences institute in Hefei, conduct research and communication in the factory of the bengbu longhua die casting machine co., LTD.. The communication focused on the progress of the "high-speed and high -precision die-casting machine system " (this project was signed with Chinese Academy of Sciences, hefei institute in the third China MEMS intelligent sensor industry development conference in 2019)

January 01, 2019

As you can see, our office area is clean and tidy, spacious and bright. A good working environment is conducive to the efficiency and enthusiasm of employees.

May 05, 2018

These are pictures of foreign customers visiting our factory.




First Western Building,Yanshan Industrial Park, Bengshan District, Bengbu City,Anhui Province
Longhua Die Casting Machine Co., Ltd was founded in Bengbu, Anhui Province, China. It is a professional high-tech enterprise engaged in design,manufacture and sale of cold chamber die casting machines and die-casting peripheral equipments.


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