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June 20, 2020

1.Longhua die casting machine Co., Ltd Die-casting Machine is specialized in die-casting machine R & D and production with 38 years production experience 2.Professional team of engineers and Chinese Academy of Sciences (Hefei) jointly develop the latest technical achievements 3.Speed up 10%, and the excellent control system realizes the fully automatic assembly line operation of the machine 4. Energy saving 30%, unique hydraulic system design, reduce power consumption for you, 5. Die casting machine template strengthened, the machine life can be extended to more than 10 years, 6.Overseas training services for engineers with 20 years of professional technology to solve all your technical problems

February 09, 2023

"Longhua 1100T automatic AI die-casting machine" is jointly developed and produced by "Hefei Institute of Chinese Academy of Sciences", "Bengbu Institute" and "Bengbu Longhua". During the research and development and production process, it has successively won 10 national invention patents and 4 com

July 23, 2022

The Die casting machine robot has excellent accessories, such as: high-quality, highly rigid, wear-resistant die plates designed with finite element analysis, uniform stress distribution, low deformation, and precise mold closing; an electric central lubrication system provides regular and quantitat

July 09, 2022

The electrical and hydraulic components of the Die casting machine robot are made by well-known brands from Europe, Japan, and Taiwan, China. The die casting cell silo design provides various interfaces and software packages for various advanced intelligent peripheral devices, and the hydraulic syst

June 23, 2022

The cold chamber Die casting robot is mainly used for the production of die castings of high melting point copper, aluminum, and magnesium alloys. The hot chamber Die casting robot is used for the production of die castings of zinc, tin, lead, and magnesium alloys with a lower melting point. Compare

May 23, 2022

Die casting robot selection is an important part of the preparation for die casting production and is a highly technical and comprehensive task. In the following section, we take a look at the principles and advantages of selecting a Die casting robot. Here are some answers.Here is the content list:





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Longhua Die Casting Machine Co., Ltd was founded in Bengbu, Anhui Province, China. It is a professional high-tech enterprise engaged in design,manufacture and sale of cold chamber die casting machines and die-casting peripheral equipments.


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