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May 14, 2021

Eid Mubarak to all Muslim friends!

June 20, 2020

1.Longhua die casting machine Co., Ltd Die-casting Machine is specialized in die-casting machine R & D and production with 38 years production experience 2.Professional team of engineers and Chinese Academy of Sciences (Hefei) jointly develop the latest technical achievements 3.Speed up 10%, and the excellent control system realizes the fully automatic assembly line operation of the machine 4. Energy saving 30%, unique hydraulic system design, reduce power consumption for you, 5. Die casting machine template strengthened, the machine life can be extended to more than 10 years, 6.Overseas training services for engineers with 20 years of professional technology to solve all your technical problems

June 21, 2020

You will have a durable die-casting machineYou will enjoy the most competitive die-casting machine price.You will have the most complete technical knowledge of die casting machine training,Professional team of engineers 24 hours a day online to solve the problems of die-casting machines aluminum metal injection molding,aluminium die casting machine,aluminium die casting machine price,die casting machine aluminium,aluminium injection molding machine

November 30, 2021

Cold chamber dies casting machine is mainly used to produce die castings of copper, aluminium and magnesium alloys with high melting points. The hot chamber dies casting machine is used to produce die castings of zinc, tin, lead and magnesium alloys with lower melting points. Compared with cold cham

November 24, 2021

​Classification of die casting machines and their working methods There are many ways to classify die casting machines, which are divided into general-purpose die casting machines and special die casting machines according to the scope of use; small machines , medium machines and large machines according to the size of clamping force; usually, they are mainly classified according to the machine structure and the location of the injection chamber and its working conditions. Classification, the name of the various types of die casting machine, die casting machine hot chamber die casting machine, cold chamber die casting machine, conventional hot chamber die casting machine, horizontal hot chamber die casting machine, vertical cold chamber die casting machine, horizontal cold chamber die casting machine, all vertical cold chamber die casting machine.

November 19, 2021

​The automatic ladle machine has a box moulding line for horizontal parting, which is generally divided into domestic simple mechanized moulding lines or imported automatic moulding lines. The most important feature of the domestic simple mechanized moulding line is that the moulding speed is generally slow, a few dozen types per hour, and the size of the sandbox is not too big. This moulding line generally uses manual pouring or mechanized pouring machine (such as teapot bag pouring machine or fan pouring machine) is sufficient to meet the needs. Imported automatic modelling line or some domestic air-punching line is the most important feature: modelling line speed is higher, the mechanism is extremely complex, more auxiliary machines, often under the core task is heavy, modelling line for various reasons for a short period to stop production. This situation is more complex, we will briefly analyze the following according to different situations.




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