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May 14, 2021

Eid Mubarak to all Muslim friends!

June 20, 2020

1.Longhua die casting machine Co., Ltd Die-casting Machine is specialized in die-casting machine R & D and production with 38 years production experience 2.Professional team of engineers and Chinese Academy of Sciences (Hefei) jointly develop the latest technical achievements 3.Speed up 10%, and the excellent control system realizes the fully automatic assembly line operation of the machine 4. Energy saving 30%, unique hydraulic system design, reduce power consumption for you, 5. Die casting machine template strengthened, the machine life can be extended to more than 10 years, 6.Overseas training services for engineers with 20 years of professional technology to solve all your technical problems

June 21, 2020

You will have a durable die-casting machineYou will enjoy the most competitive die-casting machine price.You will have the most complete technical knowledge of die casting machine training,Professional team of engineers 24 hours a day online to solve the problems of die-casting machines aluminum metal injection molding,aluminium die casting machine,aluminium die casting machine price,die casting machine aluminium,aluminium injection molding machine

January 16, 2023

Spring Festival holiday notice Dear customers:The 2023 Spring Festival holiday will be from January 20 to January 26, a total of 7 days, and work will be normal on January 27, January 28, and February 4.Wish all customers and friends a happy Chinese New Year! In the Year of the Rabbit, the New Year

December 12, 2022

When the Servo robot is switched on, the cooling water circuit for the pressurized punch and the stencil should be turned on. The oil cooler, on the other hand, depends on its oil temperature. When the oil temperature rises above 30°C, the cooling water circuit should be turned on promptly.

December 09, 2022

Based on the current development trend of domestic and foreign markets, industrial manipulators came into being, and the appearance of Industrial manipulators has epoch-making significance for modern enterprises. To a certain extent, the manual labor force is reduced, the production efficiency of the enterprise is improved, and the manipulator works in a harsh environment, which can avoid the occurrence of accidents. Next, let's take a look at the application fields of the Industrial manipulator.




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