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  • Can you provide us with drawings of the mould and equipment after we purchase it (2D drawings .cdw or .dwg or .jpg)?

    Don't worry about this, we' ll all offer all.product similarity is not related, after the order is confirmed, we will provide 3 D drawings according to the product sample
  • Can you provide us post-sales service such as consult us on best casting mode data? Do you have agent or office in Russia that will quickly supply us with spare parts (in particular hydraulic control valves, high (low) pressure pumps)? Can you provide drawings of wear parts?

    Die casting machine is zero fault, operation is not clear, can be solved by video, hydraulic valves, hydraulic pumps are imported accessories (YUKEN), will not break
  • Will you provide us with supporting documentation in Russian or English?

     before shipping, we will have professional translator to provide the operation manual and instruction manual to you.
  • Is it possible to test your molds? That is, to make several castings of the products we need using your injection molding machine and the mold you made?

    Machines and molds must be tested 1-2 days before they leave the factory. Molds usually test out samples and send them to you
  • What is the delivery time for the injection molding machine along with the mold after you receive the advance payment?

     Need to arrange the order, after receiving the payment, the machine and mold can be delivered for 50 days, because now the epidemic situation is over, the purchase volume is increased, in order not to affect the delivery, confirm the order as soon as possible
  • What is the FOB Shanghai cost of an injection molding machine equipped with the mold you made?

    USD35000 is the price activity price FOB Shanghai I applied for if it is 300 T machine
  • How many cycles will one mold serve? how many such castings can be made on it?

    According to the customer's maintenance of the mold, a mold can produce about 100,000 mold times of products
  • What kind of injection molding machine do you consider optimal, based on a kilogram of aluminum cast in one cycle?

    LH-300T die-casting machine we recommend is suitable to do this product, because the price of large machine is high, it may be 2 times that of this machine, you can buy 2 machines, work at the same time, but also can produce different products at the same time
  • What mass of aluminum will the gating system of this mold take? How many kilograms of metal will need to be poured into this mold in one cycle, together with the products and the gate system?

    Each time with a spoon ladle about 300 grams of aluminum water, injected into the machine, and then through high-speed high pressure, filled to the mold.
  • At what pace, with what cycle can this mold work? How many minutes will one cycle take? How many castings on it will be possible to produce per hour?

     About 60 molds per hour ,2 pieces per mold, about 16 hours can produce 20,000 products





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