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Development of Multifunctional Robot

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The multifunctional robot is a mechanical device that performs work automatically. The multifunctional robot industry is the main indicator to measure a country's technological innovation and high-end manufacturing level. Multifunctional robot technology was first used in the industrial field. With time, it has expanded in a diversified direction, adapted to the needs of different fields, and gradually formed an industrial chain of robots. Only by analyzing the future development trend of multifunctional robots can it have far-reaching significance for the improvement of production efficiency in various fields. Below is information about the development of multifunctional robots.

The following is a list of contents:

  • Development status of the multifunctional robot

  • Promote the high-end intelligence of multifunctional robots

  • Based on the development of multifunctional robot

Development status of the multifunctional robot

At present, my country's robot industry is showing a good momentum of development, with breakthroughs in scale, technology, and products. In terms of scale, from 2016 to 2020, the scale of my country's robot industry has grown rapidly, especially the multifunctional robot industry. In terms of technology and products, key technologies and components such as precision reducers and intelligent controllers have accelerated breakthroughs, and innovative achievements have continued to emerge. The performance of the whole machine is greatly improved, the functions are more and more abundant, and the product quality is increasingly optimized. At the same time, the application level of multifunctional robots has been greatly improved. My country has been the world's largest consumer of industrial robots for eight consecutive years. In 2020, the density of manufacturing robots will reach 246 units per 10,000 people, nearly twice the global average. In the industry, the application field of multifunctional robots has covered 52 major categories of industries such as automobiles and electronics, and 143 middle categories of industries. Service robots and special robots have achieved large-scale applications in the fields of warehousing and logistics, education, and entertainment. My country's robot industry has formed a whole industry chain system from parts to complete machines to integrated applications. The innovation of core technologies and key parts and components is advancing in an orderly manner, the R&D and batch manufacturing capabilities of complete machines have been continuously enhanced, and the industrial chain's adaptability and coordination development capability continued to improve. At present, a new round of scientific and technological revolution and industrial transformation is accelerating, and a new generation of information technology and robotics technology is deeply integrated. The robotics industry is ushering in a window period for upgrading and leapfrog development. "

Promote the high-end intelligence of multifunctional robots

Today, the demand for multifunctional robots in my country has surged, and service robots such as sweeping robots have also entered people's lives and realized commercial applications. However, compared with economic and social development and people's yearning for a better life, my country's robot applications are still insufficient, and there is still much great room for expansion. In terms of industrial robots, my country will focus on the development of welding robots for automobiles, aerospace, rail transit, and other fields, and vacuum robots for the semiconductor industry. In terms of service robots, focus on the development of agricultural robots, mining robots, construction robots, medical rehabilitation robots, old-age and disabled robots, household service robots, and public service robots. In terms of special robots, the focus is on the development of underwater robots, security robots, dangerous environment operation robots, and health and epidemic prevention robots. With the rapid development and in-depth application of emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence and big data, the development of multifunctional robots presents a new feature of multi-dimensional upgrading, that is, upgrading from single perception to global perception, and from perceptual intelligence to cognitive intelligence.

Based on the development of multifunctional robot

The company will consolidate the industrial foundation, make up for the shortcomings of multifunctional robot special materials, core components, processing technology, etc., strengthen the construction of standard system; enhance product supply, meet the needs of key industries, gather advantageous resources, and promote high-end multifunctional robot products develop and expand multifunctional robot product series and types to improve performance, quality, and safety. At the same time, expand the market application, implement the "robot +" application action, organize the precise connection between production and demand, and promote the development of typical application scenarios of multifunctional robots; optimize the industrial ecology, deepen international exchanges, and cooperation, and accelerate the cultivation of advantageous and characteristic industrial clusters.

The rapid development of society has higher and higher requirements on the manufacturing level of multifunctional robots. In the traditional manufacturing process, the drilling method is mainly manual drilling. However, traditional manual drilling not only has low efficiency, poor hole position accuracy, many drilling steps, and limited working range, but also the influence of human factors cannot be avoided. The multifunctional robot technology just conforms to the concept of lean system and lean manufacturing and has been widely used in automobile manufacturing and home appliance manufacturing. Therefore, the company will attach importance to the development of multifunctional robots. After reading the above content, if you are interested in the multifunctional robot, you can check our company's website, we look forward to your arrival.





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