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Development of industrial robots

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An industrial robot is a multi-joint manipulator or multi-degree-of-freedom machine device for industry, which can perform work automatically and is a machine that relies on its power and control capabilities to achieve various functions. It can also accept the human command and run work tasks according to pre-programmed programs.

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  • Development Prospects

  • Development trend

Development Prospects

China's industrial robots started in the early 70s, and its development process can be roughly divided into three stages: the budding period in the 70s; the development period in the 80s; and the practical period in the 90s, after more than 20 years of development it has taken shape. At present, China has produced some key components of robots and developed industrial robots for arc welding, spot welding, palletizing, assembly, handling, injection molding, stamping, and painting. Several domestic industrial robots have served on the production lines of many domestic enterprises; several robotics research talents have also emerged, while some relevant scientific research institutions and enterprises have mastered the optimization design and manufacturing technology of industrial robot operators; hardware design technology of industrial robot control and drive systems; design and programming technology of robot software; kinematics and trajectory planning technology; arc welding, spot welding, and large robot automatic production line and peripheral supporting equipment development and preparation technology, etc., certain key technologies in China have reached or are close to the world level. The widespread use of robots is a very important way to realize industrial automation and improve social production efficiency, and China is also making efforts to develop the industrial robot industry, introduce foreign technology and equipment, train talents and open up the market.

Development trend

Currently, foreign countries have developed and produced a variety of different standard components, and the process of standardization is the development trend in China as a major producer of industrial robots in the future.

China's manufacturing industry is facing a huge challenge of shifting to the high end, undertaking international advanced manufacturing, and participating in the international division of labor. Accelerating the research, development, and production of industrial robotics is the main way for China to seize this historical opportunity. Therefore, the development of China's industrial robotics industry should be further implemented: first, industrial robotics is the main means and way for China to transform from a manufacturing power to a manufacturing power, and the government should have more policy and economic support for domestic industrial robots, refer to advanced foreign experience, and increase technological investment and transformation; second, in the country's science and technology development plan, it should continue to give intelligent robotics research and development and application. Third, the quality of some domestic industrial robots has been comparable to that of foreign countries, and enterprises should not blindly import industrial robots when purchasing them but should make a comprehensive assessment based on domestic production.

Intelligent and bionic is the highest stage of industrial robots, and with the continuous development of materials, control, and other technologies, laboratory products are increasingly productized and gradually applied to various occasions. Along with the development of mobile Internet and Internet of things, multi-sensor, distributed control precision type industrial robots will be more and more, gradually penetrate all aspects of manufacturing, and transform from manufacturing implementation type to service type.

As industrial transfer proceeds, the manufacturing industry in developed regions needs to be upgraded. Based on the reality of growing worker costs, the application of industrial robots becomes the best alternative. In the future, the large-scale application of industrial robots in China will be concentrated in Guangdong, Jiangsu, Shanghai, and Beijing, whose industrial robot ownership will account for more than half of the country.

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