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Fields of application of Industrial manipulator

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Based on the current development trend of domestic and foreign markets, industrial manipulators came into being, and the appearance of Industrial manipulators has epoch-making significance for modern enterprises. To a certain extent, the manual labor force is reduced, the production efficiency of the enterprise is improved, and the manipulator works in a harsh environment, which can avoid the occurrence of accidents. Next, let's take a look at the application fields of the Industrial manipulator.

Here is the content list:

  • Industrial manufacturing

  • Military science and technology

  • Healthcare

Industrial manufacturing

At present, Industrial manipulator is mainly used in the field of industrial manufacturing, especially in large-scale heavy industry and production workshops with a large labor force, and in harsh conditions, such as deep water, high temperature, cold, space corrosion, etc. Precision, high quality, and high volume production labor, such as automotive manufacturing, aerospace, construction machinery, and other fields. In the chemical industry, such as electric welding, gas welding, argon arc welding erosion, pitting, and so on. In addition, in the field of logistics, such as cargo handling, packaging, and other work.

Military science and technology

With the continuous development of scientific and technological innovation and the needs of my country's national defense construction, the Industrial manipulator has gradually entered the field of military application, which has made a significant contribution to the improvement of my country's national defense strength. Mainly let Industrial manipulators carry out some enemy judgment and control tasks, especially in some dangerous situations, such as using drones to detect enemy conditions, especially using robots to defuse bombs, and using robots after disasters. Rescue the wounded, and use robots to clear mines, etc. Robots can also replace soldiers to complete some less complex engineering and logistical tasks, thereby reducing the workload of soldiers and giving them time to complete more difficult tasks.


Industrial manipulators can be used not only in heavy industry but also in some subtle fields, such as medical and health care. In the medical field, the manipulator can replace the doctor to perform some difficult operations, because, in some important medical operations, the doctor often faces huge pressure, and a little careless operation will endanger the life or safety of the patient. The use of robotic arms to assist doctors will improve this situation. The manipulator can replace the doctor to do some operations such as eye surgery, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular surgery, etc. In addition, our medical team has also invented a small Industrial manipulator that can enter the human stomach. This manipulator adopts the shape of a capsule, and the patient only needs to It is swallowed, and then the doctor uses the magnetic field to remotely control the manipulator, and the manipulator performs a spiral scan on the patient's stomach to observe the patient's symptoms. In addition, an Industrial manipulator can also help doctors to perform some routine tasks, such as delivering medicines, automatically monitoring noise and air quality inwards, etc.

The above is the relevant content about the application field of industrial manipulators. If you are interested in Industrial manipulators, you can contact us. Our website is I look forward to your arrival very much and hope to cooperate with you.





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