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Five characteristics of aluminum alloy die castings

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     Aluminum alloy die-casting has been developing continuously for a long time. China's aluminum alloy die-casting industry has made amazing development and has developed into an emerging industry. At present, the process has become one of the most widely used processes in the automotive aluminum alloy forming process. Aluminum alloy die-casting products are mainly used in electronics, automobiles, motors, home appliances and some communication industries. Some high-performance, high-precision, high-toughness high-quality aluminum alloy products are also used in relatively demanding industries such as large aircraft and ships. . The main use is still on some parts of equipment.
Aluminum alloy has a wide range of applications, good castability, high dimensional accuracy of castings, good surface roughness, good casting stability, high productivity, high metal utilization rate, easy to save production, and high strength and surface hardness of castings. Five characteristics.
Aluminium has strong stability and resistance to oxidation, and aluminum alloy castings will not rust and corrosion; the surface is coated with electrostatic powder and fluorocarbon coatings, and various large-scale indoor and outdoor decorative products can be maintained for a long time without discoloration.
Aluminium has good ductility, which is convenient for various modeling designs. It has toughness, can be used repeatedly, and has a wider range of applications.
After various rigorous tests, the resistance of aluminum products to earthquake, wind pressure and weathering is guaranteed. The unique aluminum alloy casting method makes the manufactured work lighter, reduces the burden on transportation and construction operations, and reduces danger.
The motifs are designed by professional designers to lead the world trend. According to the owner's preferences, a separate decoration can be designed to create exclusive home privileges.
5.Light weight
Aluminium is light in weight, making installation and maintenance more convenient.
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