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How does an automatic conveyor work?

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With the continuous development of automated production, the mechanization of product material transportation has been widely used. Automatic conveyor is the abbreviation of conveyor for die casting machine, which can operate intermittently or continuously. Adjustable conveyor has a simple structure and high efficiency, making it an indispensable part of die casting machine.


Here is the content list:

  • What product materials can the conveyor transport?

  • How does the conveyor for die casting machine realize transportation?

  • How to describe the characteristics of a conveyor?

  • How does the conveyor help the progress of die casting industry?


What product materials can the conveyor transport?

Conveyor is widely used in various modern equipment, especially die casting machines. Conveyor is a machine that continuously transports materials.

By using a conveyor, a material conveying process can be formed from the initial feeding point to the final unloading point on a certain conveying line.

Conveyor can carry out the transportation of particle materials, and can also carry out the transportation of finished items, and can also cooperate with the requirements of the technological process in the production process of various metal parts to form a rhythmic assembly line.


How does the conveyor for die casting machine realize transportation?

Conveyor is a continuous conveying machine that uses a specially manufactured belt as a material carrying and traction component, which uses an endless belt to surround the driving roller and the redirecting roller.

The upper and lower branches between the two rollers of the conveyor are each supported by several rollers, and the material is placed on the upper branch. The friction between the driving roller and the belt is used to drag the belt and the material to run.

Based on the working principle of conveyor, it is suitable for conveying bulk materials and finished items in horizontal and inclined directions, and can also be used for assembly lines for certain process operations.


How to describe the characteristics of a conveyor?

The conveyor has a simple structure, which is very convenient for both daily maintenance and use. Through the conveyor's fine work, it is stable and reliable, has strong adaptability to materials, large conveying capacity, and low power consumption.

As an auxiliary equipment of automated machinery, conveyor can effectively improve work efficiency, save space, and improve work safety and product quality. The professional conveyor is suitable for die casting production and has the following advantages:

  • Physical properties

The conveyor chain plate has high strength, low flexibility, compact structure, low noise, not easy to deform, and easy to maintain;

  • Adjustability

The conveyor can be horizontal, or it can be tilted at a certain angle, with external peripheral equipment or control operation to enable continuous operation;

  • Integrability

The high-quality conveyor can freely adjust the height and integrate multiple logistics terminals;

  • Being customizable

The conveyor chain plate material can be made of high-strength carbon steel, stainless steel and other materials according to different environments and customer requirements.


How does the conveyor help the progress of die casting industry?

After the die casting is completed, it is usually necessary to transfer the die casting to the other processing equipment. In the past, the transfer method used a transfer vehicle to transfer, which was low in efficiency and difficult to achieve continuous operation. However, the conveyor for die casting machine can meet the requirements of both intermittent and continuous operations.

Die casting machine is an important factor that determines the success of the die casting business, but it is not the only factor. As one of the important parts of die casting machine, conveyor is of great significance to realize the automation and intelligence of die casting machine and reduce labor cost.

Now, conveyor has become one of the important conveying equipment in the whole production process of metal die casting. As a conveying, traction mechanism and carrying mechanism, it is also widely used in industries other than die casting.

According to our research, in the future, the research on key information technology issues of conveyor and the design and development of new products will make great progress.


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