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How to properly operate die casting machine for aluminum?

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Since its invention, the automatic die casting machine has undergone numerous generations of improvements. Now, the aluminum alloy castings produced by nonferrous metal die casting machine are dense and have excellent mechanical properties, which can meet the increasingly stringent quality requirements of various industries. The automatic die casting machine also has high production efficiency and can realize the mass production of aluminum parts.


Here is the content list:

  • What are the technical advantages of die casting machine?

  • How to adjust the die casting machine injection system properly?

  • What is improvement possibility of die casting machine?


What are the technical advantages of die casting machine?

The core components of the die casting machine are made of high-strength materials, in line with the well-designed structure of engineering, so as to ensure the long-term stability of the machine accuracy and not easily deformed, and the impact of mold opening and closing is significantly reduced, which significantly extends the life of the machine.

The hydraulic system of the die casting machine adopts an advanced control system, and the process parameter setting is convenient, which makes the machine run fast, stable, safe and reliable.

The injection system of the die casting machine adopts a special accumulator. The fast injection and pressurization use the newly developed fast response throttle valve, which greatly improves the acceleration performance of the fast injection and shortens the switching time between high speed and pressurization.

We can see that injection performance has become an important indicator of the superiority and high quality of modern die casting machine.


How to adjust the die casting machine injection system properly?

With the progress of die casting technology and the increasing application scope of die castings, the demand for large precision, thin wall, pressure resistant die castings in various industries are increasing, resulting in higher and higher requirements for die casting machine.

For die casting machine, one of the most important components is the injection system. Production practice and scientific experiments show that the performance of the pressure injection system is reflected in the following series of influencing factors.

  • Injection force

Here is the pressure before the pressurization. The die casting machine parameter table provided by the manufacturer generally gives the injection force after boosting.

As we all know, if the injection force before pressurization is insufficient, the resistance when the molten metal passes through the inner gate cannot be completely overcome.

It will seriously affect the forming of the casting, and the internal quality of the casting cannot be guaranteed. Therefore, you should ask clearly before actually putting it into operation.

  • Adding pressure time

It refers to the time from giving the boosting command to the beginning of the boosting, that is, the time interval from the stop of the injection plunger to the beginning of the boosting.

This parameter of die casting machine should be adjusted to be less than 0.02 s. If the time is too long, the molten metal at the inner gate has solidified and the pressurization is invalid.

  • Injection speed

The injection speed is to ensure that the molten metal has sufficient kinetic energy to fill the thin wall of the die casting machine cavity. Therefore, as soon as the molten metal reaches the inner gate, it must be filled quickly, that is, the die casting machine must have a fast injection speed in time.

Except for super large castings, the filling time of die castings should be generally about 0.02 ~ 0.3 s. If the injection speed rises too slowly from slow to fast, the molten metal does not enter the cavity at the fast injection speed, so the effect of fast filling will be lost.


What is improvement possibility of die casting machine?

With the deepening of the overall liberalization of the market, the domestic die-casting machine manufacturing industry has been hit, and the market has become more competitive.

Objectively speaking, domestic die casting machines, both in terms of quality and performance level, are far behind foreign advanced industrial countries. Therefore, die casting machines still have great possibilities for technological progress.

In addition, due to the wide distribution of the production and application fields of die castings, there are all die castings from transportation energy to household appliances. The demand for these die castings market has brought space to the domestic die casting machine market.

This is both an opportunity and a challenge, but in general, it is a favorable opportunity to accelerate the improvement of the quality and performance of the die casting machine.

As the processing base of the world's machinery industry, especially die castings processing base, market demand stimulates the expansion of die casting machine company scale and also stimulates the quality requirements.


By this year, nonferrous metal die casting machine industry has gone through about 50 years in our country. Longhua Die Casting Machine Co., Ltd, as a cold chamber die casting machine company with rich production experience, not only remember its original intention, but also takes innovation as its driving force. No matter how many years have passed, we are still committed to serving consumers and building a leading brand in the automatic die casting machine industry.





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