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What are the characteristics of die casting machine to produce automobile components?

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Many companies engaged in the manufacture of metal parts and large-scale equipment shells use automatic die casting machine as their first choice for production. The die casting machine to produce automobile components has high production efficiency, large production batches, and easy automation. However, the purchaser still needs to abide by the purchase principle before actually put nonferrous metal die casting machine into production.


Here is the content list:

  • What are structure and performance advantages of die casting machine?

  • How to choose a suitable die casting machine for die castings business?

  • What are the industry characteristics of die casting machine?


What are structure and performance advantages of die casting machine?

The main features of die casting machine structure are three-stage injection, two-stage speed and one-stage pressurization. That is, the gas in the injection chamber is discharged at a low speed, the cavity is filled at a high speed, and a stable high pressure is continuously applied to the liquid alloy.

The die casting machine is the most basic and necessary equipment in die casting production. It is the condition to provide energy and select the best process parameters in die casting production, and is the guarantee basis for achieving the characteristics of high pressure and speed die casting and obtaining excellent die castings.

These are reasons why die casting machine can guarantee the quality of die castings, avoid casting defects, save energy consumption, and improve labor productivity and economic benefits, and in order to achieve this goal, the user must choose the model of the die-casting machine reasonably, and operate and maintain it correctly.

Only in this way can we ensure the good performance of die casting machine, which is an extremely important measure in die casting production. According to the types of castings, selecting the appropriate die casting machine model and cost-effective die casting machine are the prerequisites for the profitability of die casting business.


How to choose a suitable die casting machine for die castings business?

The selection of die casting machine is a highly technical comprehensive work and an important preliminary work for the development of metal parts business.

This is because the metal parts process configuration, surface treatment, and batch size are not the same among companies, so they have different priorities for the choice of die casting machine.

In general, it is necessary to consider the actual situation and comprehensively consider the following principles.

1.        Before purchasing a die casting machine, you should fully understand the types and characteristics of the metal parts that the company needs to process, and choose according to the actual situation. It is necessary to ensure some room spared for performance requirements.

2.        The manager should take the new needs of the product development direction into consideration, the purpose is to ensure a satisfactory pass rate, production efficiency and safety stability, and to use the widest possible process conditions for production.

3.        If there are multiple die casting machines of the same brand, the die casting machine model (mainly clamping force) gradient needs to be considered to ensure compatibility. It is necessary to meet the needs of product production and to reduce the model and number of die casting machine as much as possible.

4.        If there are die casting machines of different brands, the compatibility of the installation dimensions of the die casting machine from different brands should also be considered to facilitate the organization of production.


What are the industry characteristics of die casting machine?

As the world's largest producer of castings, the number of domestic die casting machine factories has grown rapidly in the past 10 years.

In the fierce market competition, die casting machine enterprises have greatly improved in terms of corporate management, corporate culture, corporate brand and corporate competitiveness.

At present, a benign market environment for my country’s die casting industry has taken shape, and the great opportunity for sustainable development continues. The industrial structure of the die casting industry is or has undergone many major changes as follows:

1.        The number of professional die casting machine companies has increased, and the scale has gradually increased. It also extends the subsequent processing, including machining, heat treatment, surface coating and other processes, until the finished parts are delivered to the user;

2.        Parts suppliers set up die casting machine factories to realize a virtuous circle of self-supply of die casting parts within the enterprise and an optimized management model;

3.        The trend of mergers and alliances has strengthened. There are alliances between end-product enterprises and components enterprises, as well as alliances between production enterprises and suppliers, in various forms such as joint, merger, or dependency;

4.        The regional die casting machine industry cluster continues to expand in terms of scale and industrial chain extension.


Among them, the most important application field of automatic die casting machine industry is the automobile industry. The domestic output of automobile die castings has always maintained more than 65% of the total output of die castings. Therefore, many manufacturers have transformed to invest in die casting machine to produce automobile components. Longhua Die Casting Machine Co., Ltd is a brand with rich experience in this industry. Choosing our nonferrous metal die casting machine will be extremely cost-effective.





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