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What is the adjustable conveyor machine design?

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Conveyor for die casting machine solves the problem of traditional feeders that are bulky, inconvenient for transportation and maintenance. Although the structure of the adjustable conveyor looks simply, in fact its design has undergone subtle ideas and scientific designs. It is precisely because of this that automatic conveyor has become an indispensable accessory for die casting machines.


Here is the content list:

  • What are the characteristics of a reasonably designed conveyor?

  • How to design a conveyor suitable for die casting machine?

  • How does conveyor complete the work of transferring materials?


What are the characteristics of a reasonably designed conveyor?

The conveyor can be designed to fully adapt to the local conditions, according to the user's requirements and space design and other equipment, thereby avoiding the loosening of the arrangement between the supporting devices, and saving investment in other equipment.

In general, a conveyor with reasonable design and high cost-performance should have the following characteristics.

1.        Except for materials with a particularly high viscosity, general solid materials and finished objects can almost be transported with conveyor, and the application range is wide;

2.        The traction chain has high strength, can be used for short distance transportation, and runs smoothly and reliably;

3.        Efficient conveyor allows a large number of materials to be transported in a small space, with strong transport capacity;

4.        Low energy consumption for transportation. With the help of the internal friction force of the material, the pushing material is changed to pulling, which is energy-saving and durable;

5.        The conveyor chain made of carbon steel and stainless steel through advanced heat treatment has a normal service life of several years;

6.        Easy to assemble with stable structure, easy to install;


How to design a conveyor suitable for die casting machine?

We all know that conveyors are not used alone in the production line, especially in the die casting industry, and they mostly cooperate with die casting machines. Conveyors are widely used to feed raw materials and finished metal parts of metal materials.

When it comes to design a conveyor to better bear the materials discharged from the previous process, the manufacturer needs to consider according to the configuration of the user’s production line supporting equipment and the conveyor’s position in the production line.

  • Inlet end

The loading device is installed after the unloading device, and the feeding section turns to the direction. The transported materials are loaded from this section to the unloading section.

  • Outlet end

The cutting device is composed of a set of inclined rollers in the cutting section, and the outlet is composed of a guide rail and a rear drum seat. One end of the guide rail is fixed on the middle support, and the front end of the other guide rail is glued with a pin.

  • Buffer part

In addition, in order to adjust the deviation of the conveyor outlet, a buffer roller set can be added to the conveyor, which can scrape off the metal debris on the surface of the roller, reduce the wear of the conveyor, and help improve the service life.


How does conveyor complete the work of transferring materials?

The conveyor uses a high-strength metal chain as the traction part. The two chains bypass a pair of drive sprockets installed at the head of the conveyor body and a pair of tension wheels at the outlet of the conveyor body to form a closed loop.

On each link of the two rows of chains, conveyors are equipped with overlapping, heavy-duty structure conveying troughs, and become a continuous conveying line capable of carrying materials.

The self-weight of the conveyor and the weight of the material are supported by multiple rows of rollers, sprocket wheels and slide beams installed on the body.

The conveyor's transmission system is connected to the reducer by an AC variable frequency speed regulating motor, and then the expansion sleeve and the driving device are directly connected to drive the carrier mechanism to run at low speed.

At last, the material discharged from the outlet silo is transported to the front of the conveyor body along the conveying line to be discharged downward, fulfill the purpose of continuous and uniform transmission of working machinery.


Conveyor for die casting machine has the advantages of large conveying capacity, simple structure, convenient maintenance and standardized parts. It is a widely favored part in the die casting industry. Longhua Die Casting Machine Co., Ltd, as a high-tech die-casting machine manufacturer, also provides high-quality automatic conveyor machines. If you want to automate by installing automatic conveyor, please consider our products.





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