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Why choose machine from Bengbu LongHua die casting machine Co., Ltd.?

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Cost effective die casting machine

1. Easy to handle

- Completely automatic process cycle and analysis function

- Permanent process monitoring via sensors

- Extensive security installations

 -8 second product rapid prototyping,


2.Excellent performance die casting machine

- High efficiency and reduced scrap

- High quality casting of complex and large parts

- Extremely stable value of the machine

- Multi-shift operation possible


 3.Flexible Applications A wide range of applications

 - Small or large casting clusters

- Non-ferrous metals including zinc, aluminium, bronze and brass alloys

Widely used in automobiles, motorcycle accessories, household appliances, LED lighting equipment, bathroom accessories, electronic products, and the manufacture of other metal products, etc.

I'm Alisa work as a sales manager in Longhua die casting machine Co., Ltd., our company mainly produces the die casting machine factory, and has 37 years experience. 

The die casting machine mainly produces aluminum, copper, magnesium and alloy fittings. My WhatsApp number:+8613955418458 





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