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Why is electric furnace running but no heat?

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The industrial electric arc furnace is one of the important metallurgical equipment in the die casting production plant. As a die-casting automation peripheral equipment, the main function of the electric arc furnace for die casting machine is to melt metal and remove impurities, adjust chemical composition and increase molten metal temperature. However, as the high-tech electric arc furnace is used more widely, its faults also appear more frequently.


Here is the content list:

l What are electric arc furnace types according to working principles?

l What are reasons for the electric arc furnace failure?

l How to deal with the mechanical failure of electric arc furnace?


What are electric arc furnace types according to working principles?

An electric arc furnace is a furnace that uses arc energy to smelt metal. The electric arc furnace can effectively remove impurities such as sulfur and phosphorus during the smelting process, and the furnace temperature is easy to control.

The electric arc furnace has a small footprint and can be used for smelting ordinary steel, carbon steel, stainless steel and other non-ferrous metals, different metals require different electric arc furnaces for processing. Industrial arc furnaces can be divided into three categories according to working rules.

l Direct heating

The first type is a direct heating electric arc furnace. This kind of electric arc furnace is mainly used for smelting iron, copper, steel and refractory materials. The arc power exists between the smelted charge and special electrode rod, where the charge can be exposed to the arc heat directly.

l Indirect heating

The second category can be considered as an indirect electric arc furnace heating method. The arc occurs among special electrode rods, and the charge can be radiated by the arc and used for copper alloys and smelting copper.

l Electric arc resistance

The third type of electric arc furnace uses high-resistivity metal-containing materials as raw materials. During operation, the lower part of the electrode is generally buried in the charge.

The heating principle is: not only the heat generated by the resistance of the charge when the current passes through the charge, but also the heat generated by the arc between the electrode and the charge. So, this kind of electric arc furnace is called electric arc resistance furnace.


What are reasons for the electric arc furnace failure?

There are many reasons that cause the electric arc furnace to run but not generate heat, which can be roughly divided into mechanical failures and hydraulic failures.

In fact, not only the non-heating problem is caused by these two reasons, most electric arc furnace issues are inseparable from them. Among them, mechanical failure is more likely to cause the electric arc furnace to operate but not to generate heat.

Affected by the electric arc furnace smelting environment, especially after the hot charging process is applied, dust, steel slag and other metal objects are often sandwiched between the components. Due to the tight fit of some components, jamming often occurs.

In addition, due to insufficient attention paid to lubrication, slipping of guide wheels and non-rotating failures of rollers often occurred in production.

The main reason is that because of the high ambient temperature and inadequate lubrication and maintenance work, the dry oil distributor is blocked, resulting in severe oil shortage and damage to the bearing.


How to deal with the mechanical failure of electric arc furnace?

In order to avoid such things from happening, the operator should do a good job of dustproofing the electric arc furnace, remove dust and metal debris from the surface of the components, and remove it for replacement in severe cases.

What's more, regular electric arc furnace lubrication measures are ought to be taken by the operator. The lubrication pipeline of the electric arc furnace must be thoroughly inspected and restored.

At the same time, the person in charge should select high-temperature resistant electric arc furnace component lubricants according to the working environment, and keep the fuel pump and oil drum clean and intact.

Through these measures, common electrical arc furnace mechanical failures can be basically eliminated.


The cause of adjustable electric arc furnace mechanical failure is easier to analyze and judge, but its solution requires long-term attention from the person in charge. However, Longhua Die Casting Machine Co., Ltd believes that the daily maintenance of the electric arc furnace mentioned above is cost-effective. If you want to learn more about the troubleshooting techniques of industrial electric arc furnace, you can browse other articles.





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