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Aluminum Pressure Automatic Die Casting Machine


This die casting  machine is widely used for mass production of foundry goods made of nonferrous metal such as aluminum, zinc and copper in industries of automobiles, motorcycles, meters and instruments, hardware and military supplies.

computer-programmed control; hydraulic drive; crank expanding structure;4-rod pilot elastic stress framework; locking that is tensile, faster and reliable; hydraulic boosting and injecting system that is constant and effective; accumulator and injection framework are compose alone; injection  rate over 4M/s, and minimum boosting time less than 30ms.

The die casting machine is superior in performance high in productivity and smooth in operation. It is advantageous in technology in China.

Aluminum Pressure Automatic Die Casting Machine
Aluminum Pressure Automatic Die Casting Machine

Specification of 850 ton Cold Chamber Die Casting  Machine:

       LH series of standard parameter table (850T)          

Items Unit Specification
Hydraulic Working Pressure MPa 14
Clamping Force               KN 8500
Space Between Tie Bars mm 1400*1400
Tie Bar Diameter mm 910*910
Die Opening Stroke mm ¢190
Injecction Force(intensify)                   mm 760
Plunger launch distance KN 680
Injection position mm 295
Plunger Diameter mm -- 250
Injection Stroke mm ¢80  ¢90   ¢100
Casting pressure (intensify) mm 760
Casting Fiange Protrusion MPa 135/106/86
Casting Fiange Diameter mm 20
(40Mpa) Max Casting Area Under40Mpa mm 200
lnjection Weight(Al) CM2 591/748/924
Die Height(Min--Max) CM2 2000
Ejector Force Kg 7.1/9/11.2
Ejector Steoke mm 400~950
Motor Capacity KN 315
Machine Dimensions  (L*W*H) mm 180
Referential Machine Weight For Uplifting Kw 30
Oil Tank Capacity m 8.84*2.345*2.995
Hydraulic Working Pressure T 35
Clamping Force               L 1300

WE reserve the right to make any technical improvement without further notice
Aluminum Pressure Automatic Die Casting Machine






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