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Die-casting mold design process

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Die-casting mold is a tool for casting metal parts, a tool that completes the die-casting process on a special die-casting die forging machine. So what does the design process look like? Today, Longhua Die Casting Machine will take you to understand.
1. According to the materials used in the product, the shape and accuracy of the product and other indicators, process analysis of the product, and order the process.
2. Determine the position of the product in the mold cavity, and analyze and design the parting surface, the overflow system and the pouring system.
3. Design the core assembly method and fixing method for each activity.
4. Design of core distance and force.
5. Design of ejection mechanism.
6. Determine the die casting machine, design the mold base and cooling system.
7. Check the relevant dimensions of the mold and die-casting machine, and draw the process drawings of the mold and each component.
8. The design is complete.





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