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How to choose an automatic ladle machine

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The automatic ladle machine has a box moulding line for horizontal parting, which is generally divided into domestic simple mechanized moulding lines or imported automatic moulding lines. The most important feature of the domestic simple mechanized moulding line is that the moulding speed is generally slow, a few dozen types per hour, and the size of the sandbox is not too big. This moulding line generally uses manual pouring or mechanized pouring machine (such as teapot bag pouring machine or fan pouring machine) is sufficient to meet the needs. Imported automatic modelling line or some domestic air-punching line is the most important feature: modelling line speed is higher, the mechanism is extremely complex, more auxiliary machines, often under the core task is heavy, modelling line for various reasons for a short period to stop production. This situation is more complex, we will briefly analyze the following according to different situations.

1. The efficiency of the automatic ladle machine

2. The use of an automatic ladle machine

The efficiency of the automatic ladle machine

For the horizontal parting has box modelling line, some engineers believe that the bottom injection type pouring machine can not be used, must use a large teapot bag pouring machine. For example, a famous diesel engine factory, the production of the engine block and cylinder head of these mass production of a single grey iron casting, they spend nearly ten million to introduce a large teapot bag pouring machine for pouring. But in fact in other countries internationally, this is the standard most suitable for the use of air pressure insulation pouring furnace application occasions. It is well known that such large moulding lines, which often consist of many main and auxiliary machines and often have heavy core laying tasks, often stop production for various reasons. Using the non-heating pouring machine, even without considering the influence of the reliability of the pouring machine, the temperature loss of the iron in the automatic ladle machinealone is very large, once the modelling line is stopped for a short time for various reasons, it often leads to the automatic ladle machine due to the low temperature of the iron in the ladle and can not be poured, the iron must be sent back to the electric furnace to warm up, which not only affects the productivity of the pouring machine and modelling line but also affects the normal production of the electric furnace. And once the moulding line is back to production, an automatic ladle machine may also need to scald the ladle, preheating before use, greatly affecting productivity.

Therefore, for the horizontal fractal box moulding line production of grey iron, the most suitable with heating insulation pouring furnace, and some foreign foundries, even after the use of insulation pouring furnace, directly cancel the insulation furnace, the production process to the melting road - insulation pouring furnace duplex process, greatly reducing the operating costs, improve the production efficiency of the moulding line.

The use of an automatic ladle machine

For the horizontal fractal box moulding line production of ductile iron situation is different, because the ductile iron oxidation slag is particularly large, in the automatic ladle machine is very difficult to remove, even if the use of nitrogen protection and other measures, there will still be a lot of oxidation slag, often affecting the use of automatic ladle machine. In this case, we suggest using the appropriate size of non-heating insulation casting ladle instead. This is because the ductile iron, due to spheroidization decline, generally requires 8 to 10 minutes to replenish the iron, and if it cannot be replenished, the iron must be returned to the furnace. Therefore the defects of the non-heated pouring ladle are not so obvious here. If the production of complex ductile iron parts, still often use with heating insulation pouring furnace. This is because the heated pouring furnace can keep the temperature constant and can keep the iron pure, which is essential for the production of high-quality castings, even if it is worth the heavy slag cleaning labour.

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