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Troubleshooting the Die casting robot

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The cold chamber Die casting robot is mainly used for the production of die castings of high melting point copper, aluminum, and magnesium alloys. The hot chamber Die casting robot is used for the production of die castings of zinc, tin, lead, and magnesium alloys with a lower melting point. Compared to a cold chamber die casting robot, a hot chamber dies casting robot has a shorter cycle time and is more efficient because the injection chamber is directly immersed in the alloy solution, eliminating the need for a pouring operation. During the die casting operation various problems can be encountered, here is a compilation of some of the common faults in the Die casting robot and the corresponding treatment methods, the following is an example of a cold chamber Die casting robot. Here are some answers.

Here is the content list:

  • Die casting robot without full pressure.

  • The die casting robot does not lock the mold.

Die casting robot without full pressure.

After a cold chamber dies casting robot's hydraulic pump starts, presses the start button, and observes the pressure proportional valve ammeter to determine whether there is current in the pressure proportional valve solenoid coil to distinguish whether it is an electrical or hydraulic fault. If there is a current output, check: firstly, whether the hydraulic pump of the cold chamber die casting robot is reversing. Secondly, check whether the relief valve is improperly adjusted or stuck. Third, check if the shut-off valve is closed. Fourth, whether the pressure injection first and second gear cartridge valves are in the open state, and whether the hydraulic valve controlling pressurization is normal. Fifth, whether the pressure gauge is damaged and whether the indication is wrong.

If there is no current output, please check: firstly, whether the rectifier power supply is normal and whether the pressure proportional amplifier board is improperly adjusted or damaged. Second, observe whether the computer works normally, press the start button by hand to see whether the computer has input at the corresponding point BO, whether the total pressure point FO has output when there is no input, and check whether the connection between the start button and the computer is normal, the total pressure point has input without output, the computer is faulty. Third, check whether the line between the output of the electric proportional board and the oil valve is normal and whether the electric proportional coil is normal. Fourth, check whether the pressure pull code switch of the Die casting robot in the cold chamber is normal.

The die casting robot does not lock the mold.

Close the safety door, press the locking button (if there is a mold, choose a slow speed so as not to crash the mold), and observe whether the locking indicator light on the electrical box panel is on or whether there is a clock signal output from the main body of the cold chamber die casting robot. If there is no signal output, check: firstly, check that the computer input is correct. Double hand lock button A2, E15 input, open button A3 no input, ejector return B7 input, core 1 and core 2 locking action in place, return locking action, back to the hammer end connection, locking end connection no input. If there is no signal input, check the external wiring. Second, the locking condition is met, no locking output, and the computer is damaged.

If the computer has a signal output, check: whether the clamping pressure is normal, and press the clamping button to observe the pressure value on the pressure gauge. Is the normal slow speed valve improperly adjusted or damaged, is the open clamping valve improperly adjusted or damaged. Check whether the line connection from the electrical box clamping output of the cold chamber die casting robot to the oil valve is normal, whether the solenoid valve coil is normal, and whether the clamping electric is clamping hydraulic cylinder is damaged.

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