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Product Detail

U-shaped energy-saving aluminum alloy natural gas furnace


U-shaped energy-saving aluminum alloy natural gas furnace

1.Product Description

1. Type: Crucible type

2. Shape: U shape

3. Energy: natural gas

4. The physical map is shown in the following figure:

2. Introduction to the equipment

1. Structure: Regenerative crucible gas furnace is composed of six major components:

1. Furnace shell (including furnace shell, furnace bottom plate, furnace cover plate);

2. Furnace lining (including high-temperature resistant plates, fire-resistant cotton, castables, high-alumina bricks, refractory sand, etc.);

3. Combustion system (including combustion nozzle, high-pressure fan, frequency converter, solenoid valve, proportional valve, ignition controller, etc.);

4. Temperature control system (temperature control meter, switch, etc.);

5. Graphite crucible;

6. Heat exchanger (made of 304 stainless steel welding).

2. Working principle: This furnace is a kind of aluminum alloy melting equipment that converts the chemical energy of natural gas into heat energy, directly flame heating the crucible in the inner chamber, and the crucible melts the aluminum ingot/nozzle in the crucible through heat transfer.

3. Energy saving principle: the heat energy that should be discharged from the chimney is recovered through the stainless steel heat exchanger, and the recovered heat energy is blown into the furnace by the high-pressure fan for heat energy reuse.

3.Electric box configuration

1. Temperature control table

2. Time relay

3. AC connector

4. Circuit breaker

5. Frequency converter

6. Fuse

7. Power switch

8. Insurance seat

Additional Information

Delivery Time

20 days after receiving the advance payment

Port Of Dispatch

Shanghai Port

Packaging Details

Conventional export packing

Payment Terms

30% in advance, balance payment settlement before delivery





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