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Diesel Engine Driven Methyl Chloride Air Compressor for Industrial


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Product Description
Diesel Engine Driven Methyl Chloride Air Compressor for Industrial
Chemical series compressors can be compressed gas: gas, ammonia, chloromethane, dichloromethane, nitrous oxide, tetrafluoroethylene, hexafluoropropylene, vinyl chloride, propylene, propane and so on. Using a new generation of PLC control system, remote touch screen display and monitoring, so that the compressor operation more safe and reliable

1.low exhaust temperature and low speed of w-type oil-free compressor
2.perfect control system can truly realize unattended and ensure all-weather continuity
3.frequency conversion adjustment and remote monitoring connection and water cooling are featured by low noise, small vibration, high reliability and simple operation
5.various technical performance indexes, such as efficiency, service life and fuel consumption, have reached the international level



Exhaust volume Suction pressure Suction pressure Motor power Overall Dimension

m3 /min MPa

mm x mm x mm
VW-3.5/10 Methyl chloride 3.5 Ordinary Pressure 1 22kW 2050 × 1850 × 1600

Company Files
Bengbu longhua die casting machine co., ltd. has established a perfect new product development department, which adopts CAD, Solidworks and other professional computer design software to assist the design system, providing advanced design means to improve the enterprise's research and development ability. R & d team is composed of a group of senior compressor design experts, in r & d, innovation and other aspects tend to the international level, has a large processing center, perfect product testing equipment, in strict accordance with iso9001:2000 international quality system control product quality.

Bengbu longhua die casting machine co., LTD. Product variety is complete, the design, production, manufacturing, marketing strength, product range can be divided into: CNG stations series compressor, oil and gas fields compressor, high pressure compressor, special gas compressor, chemical process series compressor, compressor power series. Product parameters: exhaust volume from 0.05-200m3/min, exhaust pressure from 0.1-50mpa, compressible air, nitrogen, liquefied petroleum gas, gas, natural gas, carbon dioxide, propane, hydrogen, helium, ethylene, ammonia and other different media. Widely used in natural gas filling stations, urban construction, gas fields, petroleum, national defense, coal, geology, chemical industry, metallurgy, machinery manufacturing, medicine, food, beverage and other fields.

Bengbu longhua die casting machine co., LTD. Constantly improves its service system while pursuing perfect product quality. To provide customers with high quality, fast pre-sale, sale, after-sale service is longhua compressor continuous pursuit of the goal. The company in line with the customer first, the quality first, the prestige first principle serves in the user, wholeheartedly cooperates sincerely with the domestic and foreign user, hand in hand altogether wins!

Packaging & Delivery
Simple Package for Container Transportation

After-sales Service Provided:
After the sale, when the machine arrives at your port, you send invitations, and our engineers go to your country to install and debug machines. Training the operator until you learn so far.

1. Owning special mechanical machining, welding cold making, fabrication testing, measuring and detecting capacities and complete range of technical testing equipment;
2. Can strictly accord with client's site conditions to specially make deformation deisgn and manufacture;
3. The most competitive price in China on the same quality and service level;
4. Yearly 365-day response client's query after sale.

To have prompt and exact evaluation from factory, the following informations are essential to be provided by customer while inquiring:

1. Exact compression media: flammable, toxic, oxygen, inert gases. Preferably the gas composition can be provided;
2. Suction pressure, discharge pressure, flow capacity of compressor;
3. Control system: Requirement for manual start or full automatic control;
4. Electric parameters: Voltage, frequency, phase;
5. Any special requirement for compressed gas temperature, equipment package, configuration and etc..

We also can design piston reciprocating compressors according to clients' parameters to satisfy client's local environment and different needs. More detailed information can be provided with further communication.

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Diesel Engine Driven Methyl Chloride Air Compressor for Industrial





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