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Longhua gas pressure regulating valve custom mold
Gas pressure regulating valves are widely used and require high air tightness and precision of the product. The shell of this product can be produced by our company's die-casting machine. Just customize the mold according to the size of the product itself to complete quantitative production. If you have the idea of setting up a factory to produce this product, please contact us. We provide turnkey services to help you complete mass production at a faster speed.
Aluminum alloy bolt overhead cable tension clamp is an accessory used in overhead cable systems, mainly for fixing cables, increasing cable tension performance, and maintaining cable stability. The following is general information about this type of wire clamp:
Material: Aluminum alloy material is usually used because it has the characteristics of lightweight and corrosion resistance, making it suitable for outdoor use and effectively extending the service life of wire clamps.
Design: The design of bolted overhead cable tension clamps usually includes two parts: bolts and clamps. The bolt is used to adjust the tightness of the wire clamp, and the clamp is used to fix the cable. Some designs may also include special structures that prevent slipping or loosening to ensure that the wire clamp remains firm during use.
Usage: Mainly used in overhead cable systems such as power lines and communication lines. Through this type of cable clamp, cable fixation and tension adjustment can be achieved, ensuring the stability of the cable under various environmental and climatic conditions.
LH custom die-casting pot mold

Longhua can provide you with customized turnkey pot production lines, including die-casting machines, pot moulds, CNC processing, and spray coating production lines. We have rich casting experience in pots and various cookware, and can customize according to different product sizes.
Longhua lamp die casting mold

Longhua develops and designs various lamp molds, which can be customized according to samples. The life of each mold is 50,000-80,000 times. We select reasonable materials and designs to provide you with optimal die-casting production solutions.
Die casting machine for aluminum alloy LED street lamp housing
Die Casting Machine for Aluminium Alloy Reducer Motor Production

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Lh-3500t Aluminum Alloy Pressure Machine Vacuum Centrifugal Casting Machine for Platinum

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LH series of standard parameter table (3500 t)  
          Items Unit Specification
Hydraulic Working Pressure MPa 16
Clamping Force             KN 35000
Space Between Tie Bars mm 1650*1650
Tie Bar Diameter mm ¢340
Die Opening Stroke mm 1500
Injection Force(intensify)                   KN 1950
Plunger Launch Distance mm 480
Injection Position mm --250  --450
Plunger Diameter mm ¢140----¢180
Injection Stroke mm 1150
Casting Pressure (intensify) MPa 125---75
Casting Fiange Protrusion mm 30
Casting Fiange Diameter mm 280
Max Casting Area Under 40Mpa CM2 7500
lnjection Weight(Al) Kg 60
Die Height(Min--Max) mm 850~2000
Ejector Force KN 900
Ejector Stroke mm 300
Motor Capacity Kw 165
Machine Dimensions  (L*W*H) m 16*4.8*4.8
Referential Machine Weight For Uplifting T 210
Oil Tank Capacity L 5630
Wereserve the right to make any technical improvement without further notice  
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