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Lh- 800t Aluminum Alloy Pressure Die Casting Machine

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LH- 800T Aluminum Alloy Pressure Die Casting Machine,  Die Casting Machine,Die Casting Machine

Die Casting Parts,Produced by Die Casting Machine


LH - 800T die-casting machine main technical specifications and parameters

LH series of standard parameter table (800 t)  
          Items Unit Specification
Hydraulic Working Pressure MPa 14
Clamping Force             KN 8000
Space Between Tie Bars mm 800*800
Tie Bar Diameter mm ¢160
Die Opening Stroke mm 720
Injection Force(intensify)                   KN 590
Plunger Launch Distance mm 250
Injection Position mm 0  --  250
Plunger Diameter mm ¢80----¢100
Injection Stroke mm 700
Casting Pressure (intensify) MPa 117/92/75
Casting Fiange Protrusion mm 15
Casting Fiange Diameter mm 165
Max Casting Area Under 40Mpa CM2 1750
lnjection Weight(Al) Kg 12.8
Die Height(Min--Max) mm 350~900
Ejector Force KN 315
Ejector Stroke mm 160
Motor Capacity Kw 30
Machine Dimensions  (L*W*H) m 8.6*2.3*3.2
Referential Machine Weight For Uplifting T 33
Oil Tank Capacity L 1350
W   e   reserve the right to make any technical improvement without further notice  
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LH- 800T Aluminum Alloy Pressure Die Casting Machine, Used Die Casting Machine,Die Casting Machine


Company Information


LH- 800T Aluminum Alloy Pressure Die Casting Machine, Used Die Casting Machine,Die Casting Machine

Bengbu City Long Hua die casting machine factory was founded in 1982, is a professional R & D, production, sales of die-casting machine, die casting peripheral equipment, die-casting mould of high technology enterprises

On December 10, 2005 Anhui provincial Party secretary Comrade Wang Jinshan, to Long Hua pointed out that the strengthening of science and technology, establish a brand, pay attention to talent, independent innovation"

Longhua was awarded the national science and technology project 2 (National Torch project, major national science and technology projects a). Longhua die-casting machine products has won: "first national Ministry of machinery, products Buyou title", "casting machinery industry standard demonstration unit", "China product quality association member units", "Shou contract re credit enterprises", "import and export Mianjian products", "Alibaba depth inspection factory integrity enterprise", "Anhui Province high technology enterprise" honor.

Long Hua die casting machine products, are to achieve computer aided optimization design (CAD/CAE), hydraulic system using the German technology, Japan's hydraulic technology, the program uses PLC man-machine interface system, human nature, the operation is more simple

Longhua after 34 years of unremitting efforts, long China research and development of magnesium alloy (aluminum) energy saving vacuum die casting machine was awarded the "Anhui Province high-tech projects progress award" a, and gradually won the State Intellectual Property Office nine high-tech patent: a high-tech invention patents, eight Gaoke technology and practical patents.

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First Western Building,Yanshan Industrial Park, Bengshan District, Bengbu City,Anhui Province
Longhua Die Casting Machine Co., Ltd was founded in Bengbu, Anhui Province, China. It is a professional high-tech enterprise engaged in design,manufacture and sale of cold chamber die casting machines and die-casting peripheral equipments.


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